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SoftKeyZ Root

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SoftKeyZ Root v15.0.2 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

This application will let you change the Softkeys / Navigation Buttons fast and easily on your rooted Android device. This root app comes with more than 150+ different softkeys to choose from and the growing online database proivides even more user-submitted ones. If you got some navigation buttons you would like to see in this app just upload them to the gallery. Until I`ve added them, you can just use the import feature for these soft keys. This application needs root and `busybox` to be installed on non-nexus ROMs. This app will NOT overwrite your applied themes, or enable the navigation buttons on devices without them.

known problems:
-Sometimes your wallpaper can reset itself.
-The app is not compatible with most non-AOSP based ROMs
-Especially not working on the LG G3/G2.

-works great on Nexus devices and most Motorola devices!

WARNING: This app modifies system files and should only be used with a flashable backup of your current ROM on your device. The developer is not responsible for any damages.

Whats New
Version 15.0.2 (BETA):
-Fixed a fatal bug with the `Restore backup` function.
-You can now choose the aspect ration that SoftKeyZ will use for the buttons. If you had a stretched back button, using `1 X 1.66667` might fix that.
-In case you encounter problems on Lolipop, use app `SE Linux Mode Changer` and set it to permissive.
-Feel free to send me an email !
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